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ForceClose - a “StackOverflow” for Android users (not devs - that’s back at SO:Android )

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  • the Stack Overflow model is a great Q&A system, and I think it could be great for Android, but the site doesn’t have enough users/questions/answers yet to garner the same google-traction that SO-prime has. - I’m just going to give up on this for now; the Incredible has a virtual keyboard. AAAAARGH.


Top 10 Android apps


Cyanogen Mod for Droid




USB Host mode on Motorola Droid



Force close & related things

see also Programming.Stack Overflow


I’m fond of - an Android user Q&A site built on the SO 1.0 platform; but now it’s going to have to migrate within the next year.


It’s run by -- who make WikiDroid among other things.



Tablets ???



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String Can Phone.Cell Phone - a site I’m working on



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