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I recently got Hex 1-18 (the complete run). I’m one of the few who preferred the Giffen issues. And still do, upon re-reading (for the first time since... 1988?)


In Defense of... - some info on the Munoz swipes issue



Ambush Bug

Sometime in college I got rid of all of my comics. They were pretty worthless, for the most part -- I wasn’t much of a collector, and kept them in a large paper grocery bag [shudder!].


Most of the comics are forgettable -- who knows what they were, or cars. Warlord? Pfft. Random issues of Bat Man?. Whatever.


I miss specifically:


Action Comics 500
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow
Hex -- the Jonah-hex-in-the-dystopian-future that has never been collected, did well, then tanked so bad they threw Keith Giffen at it for the last three issues. The previous issues were okay in my book. The last three issues were awesome becuase it had Giffen on it, right?
Some random issues of Legion of Superheros, drawn by Giffen
Ambush Bug miniseries and whatnot, drawn by Giffen


man-o-man-o, what a mistake.




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