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(:description discussions on the modernity, or lacktherof, of Emacs:)
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[[http://blog.urth.org/2009/02/am-i-a-modern-dinosaur.html|Am I a modern dinosaur?]]
[[http://stackoverflow.com/questions/195485/why-do-old-editors-like-vim-and-emacs-expose-the-difference-between-a-file-and-a|Why do old editors like Vim and Emacs expose the difference between a File and a Buffer in the interface?]] - specifically [[http://stackoverflow.com/questions/195485/why-do-old-editors-like-vim-and-emacs-expose-the-difference-between-a-file-and-a/195668#195668|this answer]] which claims that the buffer-concept is an example of late-binding buffer-to-document, and points how it has come back into vogue in the modern browser.

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