The config file

Keeping your configuration in check - note I do not currently follow this, although a good idea



Reference - largely inactive, but received an update in 2007.
Stack Overflow: What’s in YOUR .emacs?



My files

Attach:emacs - switches back-n-forth from personal and scheme files (below); always uses scheme if in Cyg Win ... which may no longer be a valid assumption
Attach:work-emacs - which I use at work. Used to be very different from home. They diverge and converge...


Not up-to-date, of course. And I need the version I use on the school’s free BSD system...


Keeping .emacs files under version contrl


There are a number of .emacs files on github, which is where mine are going, I guess....



See Also



Emacs config configuration emacs bestpractices



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