I finally figured out why I could use this command at work, but it stopped working at home.


At home, I’ve recently become a fan of playing Gomoku. Leave a *Gomoku* buffer open, multi-occur will hog the cpu and perhaps never end (haven’t tested it past about 20-30 seconds). Close the *Gomoku* buffer and multi-occur will execute in a split-second. (running occur on the *Gomoku* buffer itself has the same never-end effect.)


Since I like leaving up my humiliating win/loss record (usually something like “3/78″), I now take this buffer out of the search-list.


My source has some other searches that I haven’t tried yet, and I’m sure that there is a smarter mechanism for removing destination buffers but this works for now.


;; suggested by
(defun find-in-open (regex)
  (interactive "sRegex search: ")
  ;; for whatever reason, Gomoku (being filled with dots?) screws it up
  (multi-occur (remove (get-buffer "*Gomoku*") (buffer-list)) regex))



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