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FireFox: Add Ons

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  1. 1. Ghostery
    1. 1.1 whitelisting
  2. 2. Useful extension
  3. 3. Developer extensions
  4. 4. GreaseMonkey
  5. 5. Ubiquity
  6. 6. Installing extensions
  7. 7. Plugin, extension, or WHAT?
  8. 8. Developing extensions / addons

1.   Ghostery -  a great tool that blocks trackers, and other nuisances.


1.1   whitelisting

Sometimes, it can be a bit zealous, and block things you want:


whitelist google-api search:

  1. Alt-T >> Ghostery >> Manage Ghostery Options >> Widgets
  2. Uncheck the Google AJAX Search APIs


NOTE: I tried adding this in as a whitelist, but with the Widget definition active, it is still blocked.
Lesson: If your whitelist still fails, check the blocked sources.


TODO: Any way to find out the blocked address when blocked?



2.   Useful extension

Foxmarks - freezes up on my home XP, dangit
It’s All Text, with support site - edit text-areas in your favorite text editor
Colorful Tabs
Download Statusbar
GSpace use Google’s G Mail? for online storage
Better Gmail - use at work, not at home -- slows down my old PC too much :-(
NoScript -- sure, it’s annoying to have to enable JS on every site, but it’s also safer.
IE tab - run Internet Explorer inside of a new tab
Quick Restart -- adds Ctrl-Alt-R
FireFtp is a nifty in-browser FTP client. For heavy lifting I’ve been using File Zilla?, but I’ve been using FireFtp at work and am quite pleased. Maybe I’ll look into switching....



3.   Developer extensions


Java-script REPL for Firefox
DOM Inspector -- addon for 3.x, custom option for 2.x

FireBug - more at JavaScript.Debug#firebug
View Source Chart


ConsoleĀ² - error-console replacement
Extension-developers extension
Chrome list - “Lets you take a peek at the files under the hood of your Firefox installation and profile.”


Setup a development environment in FireFox -- extensions, as well as other setup tweaks.



4.   GreaseMonkey

Platypus -- FF plugin that allows page-changes to be saved as a GM script
see also: Java Script.Grease Monkey


5.   Ubiquity

see JavaScript.Ubiquity



6.   Installing extensions

Think you know it all, right? How about installing extensions globally? Oh, you knew about that? Well, why didn’t you tell me sooner!



7.   Plugin, extension, or WHAT?!??

Plugins are the same between Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. They are things like Java, Flash or Quicktime. They are a separate program which is launched to play some file.


Extensions are small bits of code which ‘plug into’ Firefox (no equivalent in Internet Explorer or Netscape). This enhances the base functionality of the browser. --(source)


see also another explanation



8.   Developing extensions / addons

see ExtensionDevelopment

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