My process

The Mozilla-supplied bash build script-1, slightly modified, is the main core of my build process (I build on WinXP via Cyg Win). I have a couple of extra scripts to update the version into all appropriate files, and regenerate the update key (for self-hosted versions). I’ve got at least three branches going, and it’s getting complicated keeping them straight. I want everything automated for speed, and simplicity.


I took some update code from the Perl build script at BornGeek’s Firefox toolbar tutorial for my version and update-key scripts. I’m thinking of replacing them with simpler sed versions, but haven’t committed to this yet.


I’m also thinking of translating the entire bash script into Perl; for practice, and because I’ve been using the script for months without thinking about all of its parts -- I want to understand it all.



Other resources

This makefile project is part of “OpenBERG”. Detailed, and I haven’t used it, nor analyzed it fully.


build process when including binary components - references FF 1.5, so may not be up-to-date.


Another makefile targeted toward Persona building


The xpistubs project at mozdev has another bashscript (with lots of command-line options).



See Also

Extension Development




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