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Fire Fox, the open-source web-browser that arose from (the ashes of?) NetscapeNavigator, is my Browser Of Choice. It’s got a good history (yes, that always leads to tangled code), a great extensibility model, a decent browser share, and a large community of users and developers -- both for the core code, and for extensions. Chrome is gaining ground fast, and is touted as leaner, faster, more stable, and has that whole cool each-tab-is-a-thread model. Please note that Fire Fox sans extensions is pretty lean -- but nobody wants an un-extended browser. Not even Chrome.... as its extensibility is tweaked, let’s see how long it lasts. Also remember that legacy code means legacy compatibility... a large community means many factions to please. The new browser on the block doesn’t have any of that baggage.s


See my AddOns page for notes on my favorite extensions, for both users and developers.



Firefox homepage
the Firefox Project -- current and historical information
historical Firefox screenshots


Firefox Guide “for the perplexed”
my firefox user profile
open-directory Firefox page
excerpt from the O’Reilly book Firefox Hacks


Stack Overflow: Mozilla development links (more on how the browser itself is coded)


How to Determine which Firefox Add-ons are Using the Most Memory


Life Hacker: PrefSearch extension - report issues
Plugin checker


FF about: pages




Prism - creates “stand-alone” applications from a web-page. XUL runner?




guide to useful bookmarklets
Lifehacker’s Top-10 useful bookmarklets


See Also: Java Script.Book Marklet






Hacks, speedups, tips, etc

Lifehacker: “Vacuum Places” to improve speed



Running multiple versions (eg, 2.0.x and 3.0.x)

I installed 2.0 on top of 3.0 .... and the installer did not ask where to go, so it overwrote 3.0. should have copied the folder, first....


SOLUTION: use portable versions









See Also

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