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Food: Beer

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Maybe this should be under drink? nah.....



Periodic Table of Beer Styles Peter’s ‘’Cream Stout
Weyerbacher’s Tiny


I need to learn more about beer.....





I know that I like Imperial Stouts, and Sour Ales. Not sure about Red Ales.


Drank a Kirin Ichiban and was bored. I didn’t even finish it! Too bad, it had a great label.





Coastal Wine and Spirits
Tully’s Beer and Wine -- Wells, ME - JW reccos



To try

“get the stone vertical epic 09 VERY GOOD” - JW reccos



Weird things

Beer Archeologist


The Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel Imperial Oatmeal Stout aka Civet-Cat coffee-bean beer or Poop-coffee beer
intersting, if earthy, review


The beer is brewed with Kiopi Luwak, a coffee bean that has been, er, processed by the digestive system of the civet cat (which is not a cat). It’s the world’s most expensive coffee. Woo.


I split this with a couple of people in August, 2011. It was a great beer. Not so sure about the coffee component. Pretty sure that I could have gotten a just-as-great a beer for at least 30% less than what I paid for it ($15.80). The Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast isalso a coffee stout, but only about $10. So, some other time....


Dung Vodka

But can it be any worse than dung vodka ?
I saw the film version of this



Chonkin strikes up a conversation with Gladyshev and admits that he slept outside because of an argument with Nura. Gladyshev lowers his voice to criticize his wife and tells Chonkin to stay clear of women -- they’re only trouble. Gladyshev invites Chonkin into his house for some breakfast. As soon as Chonkin steps into the house, he is almost knocked over by the stench of the fertilizer. Gladyshev says Chonkin will soon get used to the smell, and besides, the negative attitude people have to fertilizer and dung is undeserved. Dung, he says, is the most valuable substance on Earth. “All our life comes from dung, and into dung it returns.” Dung fertilizes the plants we eat, which then gets turned back into dung.


Gladyshev cooks some eggs and pours out some moonshine vodka. Chonkin gulps down the vodka and chokes from the powerful effect. Gladyshev demonstrates with a match that the vodka is flammable. Chonkin says it’s first-rate moonshine and asks if it was made from potatoes or beets. Gladyshev proudly answers: “It’s made from kilo of dung to one kilo of sugar.” Chonkin reacts with horror and rushes outside to vomit. [emphasis added]

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