round or square

Calling it a “pie” sets my wife’s teeth on edge, but it is a savoury pie oh yes it is.


Chicago Deep Dish

This is my favorite


Deep Dish pizza in Connecticut? - a thread on chowhound
looks like Vito’s is it


Scranton: Nearra’s, Uno’s (chain), and... a handful of others.



Greek style



I haven’t had a pizza with “greek” toppings, but I’ve had the pan-fried pizzas in both Scranton and Maine; my wife is familiar with Greek pizzerias, and Wikipedia suggests it’s a New England thing.



Old Forge stylee

uh, maybe if I work up the nerve I’ll say something,_Lackawanna_County,_Pennsylvania#Pizza
a not-quite-impressed review with a LOT of fervent comments. from fervent Old Forgeans. Originally written in Aug, 2005, still garnering defense and offense. - three locations in Colorado. WTF?!?!?




Scranton-area pizzerias


1439 Capouse Ave
Scranton, PA 18509-2375


Nearra’s menu


small business award

Nearra’s Pizzeria was opened by cousins Neil Fiorillo and Antonio Piraino in 2004. Nearra’s is a family run pizzeria. The name itself is an acronym for each of Neil and Antonio’s children: Nico, Elisa, Alison, Ryan, Rebecca, Avery and Ava.


Nearra’s specializes in traditional Italian cooking with dishes like baked manicotti, and chicken parmesan. The house specialty is hand-tossed pizza with fresh dough being made daily in the kitchen. Nearra’s offers dine-in and take-out, as well as delivery throughout the city of Scranton and surrounding cities.


We like this one. I’m fond of the “Nearra’s special” - a toppings-heavy pizza. They have 3 “chicago-style deep dish” offerings -- 10 lbs of cheese (it seems), buffalo chicken, and philly cheese-steak. Smacking the two non-Illinii city names in there doesn’t really support the “chicago-style” label, but there you go. Cheese is VERY cheesy, and cannot be eaten hot as, once you remove the first slice, a molten wave will consume your family. The buffalo chicken is good, and we’ve never tried the cheesesteak. Somethings man (and my wife) were not meant to know.


Others - good - ??? mentioned on the office;



Old Forge style

I like a good double-crust white (Alfredo’s is good, but my wife is a fan of none of it. So I’ll just leave this blank.






My dad makes a lot of pizza (he prefers a dry, sauce-less style). I’ve made it, too, but have a hard time with the crusts. Making/rising is not the issue -- it’s stretching the dough. I always get holes.... aaargh. So I haven’t been making it lately....



email dump (notes that need organizing,1977,FOOD_9936_21809,00.html
(ugly photo!) - ugly page, recipes
are interesting. uses twice as much dough fro half as many pies. hrm.


Ann Marie -- everything below is new IT USES MILK,
not water. !!! and has a good tip on pepperoni. - she was
aiming to replicate Pizza Hut’s pan pizza. hrm. - uses
skillet and pre-made biscuit dough for pan-pizza while camping.
interesting, in a way.



you know what else I miss? That square-cut thin-crust at Skipper’s
that had the tiny cocktail shrimp on it. mmmm... tiny cocktail shrimp
pizza... I suppose it tasted great becuase you took me there as a
kid... it tasted better when it was in the dark restaurant than when
it moved onto the brightly-lit Egan Ave location!



not deep-dish, but skillet-cooked:  - more skillet-cooked
pizza, with lots of notes on pre-heating (stove-top is best?! and test
by burning cornmeal)
- not for deep-dish, but for scorching the bottom, NY-style. you cook
on the BOTTOM of the pan (ie, turn it upside down) and use the broiler
element. hrm.,2047.0.html - not
sure if technique will work with electric oven. uh-oh....





Old Forges-style recipes

WARNING: I have not tried these and they are listed for educational purposes only



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