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JavaScript: Debug


Advanced debugging with JavaScript


Stack Overflow: thread on “universal” JS-debugger discusses a number of platform tools


inspect calls to get the function



Firefox dev console





Firebug - f12 to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and Java Script live in any web page.

A Firebug Tutorial
An In-depth Look At The Future of Javascript Debugging With Firebug - from 2006, so ???


unevaluated, but look interesting:
article on firebug
WebMonkey Firebug tutorial
FirePHP - log to firebug from php
FireUnit - Java Script Unit Testing Extension
firebug/firefox extension-creator wizard ???


into to Firebug’s Net Panel


Remove phantom breakpoints

Sometimes the debugger stops, even though no breakpoint exists (anymore).
Solutions I’ve seen:




Haven’t tried it....
Venkman Javascript Debugger is a complete run-time Javascript debugger.
Venkman project page



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