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JavaScript: Script Inclusion


I don’t have any trouble including jQuery in my FF extension, but have heard reports from the Chrome dev that jQuery is not always active w/in that script, so he inlined it.... Now the code is.... significantly longer (and since I use Emacs’ js2-mode, whose highlighting engine throws a fit on long files, it now throws a fit on this long file).


What about external hosting?


some discussion


My feelings are:

  1. at mercy of provider’s uptime (although most have a business model predicated on uptime)
  2. at mercy of script actually downloading
    1. if included locally, no such performance hit



UPDATE 2014.01.15: no such performance hit wha’? WHO WROTE SUCH WORDS?!?!?!


In the original context it was regarding bundling into a Fire Fox extension -- so it would be available locally in the client file-system. For a web application, go to a CDN. Yes, you’re at the mercy of the provider’s uptime -- but dollars to donuts the provider has a hosting plan with better uptime than yours.



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