Mark F. let the original .com domain slip through his fingers in the early days.
Things happen!



Origin stories




People who are Disappointed with BoingBoing - google-doc




I think I first heard of Boing Boing in the US News and World Report’s ‘zine article.
TODO: find photo and link (haven’t much success at this)
Also where I saw the first issue of Mondo2000 (and the only issue I still don’t own, I think).

mention of Mondo & BB here


On September 11, 2001 I was looking up Bruce Sterling online, figuring that he might have some response to it all, given his Afghanistan-related stories of Lehki Starlitz.
Instead, I found Boing Boing



Comment systems

I swear I had longer notes on this, once?


some old system, some other system, the discussions on, DISQUS, then....


Bbs = BS; Quality of discussion plummets - starts talking about some history.



links to BoingBoing in this wiki

search for links - my, there are a lot of them, aren’t there....




Where should this go, under what group? For now it’s under Miscellaneous.
Programming is a catch-all for tech-related things, but this is more technoculture.