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Tiny Homes

Built from Salvage - Dinosaurs and Robots has had a lot of “shackitecture” posts. With my predilection for “lots of stuff” (primarily paper-based), I doubt I could fit. But it is an interesting idea, and personal challenge....
the $8 (scavenged parts) house. The $8 was for light-switches.


Tiny Homes book by Lloyd Kahn




(dilapadated) wooden Siberian homes - when I dream, I live in one
more russian wooden homes (illustrations)
one wooden house, with wooden pillars (the pillars were, for some reason, the focus of the photo-essay)


Wooden skyscrapers?!?!?



not wooden, not exactly




REALLY wooden

Building With Whole Trees



Shipping containers

homes made from shipping containers


Okay, doesn’t look like it would into _my_ neighborhood. Big-Box House







bomb (?) shelter, by Raytheon
“The Spaceship Down the Street” - NYT article on non-trad house in Guilford, CT
Survivalist “Retreat” - in an old microwave facility? Interior shots look nice, but “It is the only private land for 12 miles. [....] This is a die-hard survivalist home so don’t bother buying it if you can’t handle the work and isolation.”

  • You know what? That sounds awesome, to me!

multi-person hammock-tent



seemingly fantastic

Archigram is not housing, but where else do I put it? This page is rapidly turning into an architecture catch-all. hrm.



Floating (and/or autonomous pseudo-island states)

NB: I donated to his Kickstarter project




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