Images I have liked for desktop backgrounds (and related info)


Mary Blair

almost anything that you can find


but I’m fond of this cityscape found via a Boing Boing post on Mary Blair’s work for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.



Alex Schomberg’s end-papers for Winston SF

The Thrilling Comic Book Cover Art Of Alex Schomberg


Stanley Donwood

Tokyo Show


Mine own

I’m fond of bleuce-squares as a background. It’s a blow-up of something, with lines.


Monster Brains

A blog of monster-themed images. Many suitable for desktop backgrounding.
this post on Movie Posters has many excellent subjects.
Such as Attach:invasion_of_the_saucer_men.jpg




Unknown Island - from a selection of movie-titles


Audience in 3-D glasses for ‘Bwana Devil’ - used to have this in fluorescent colors on a t-shirt. ah, the 80s!


the “Sad Mac” face - I’m a PC, and my wife’s a Mac.







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