JavaScript build tool, similar to Make or Rake. Built to work with Node.js


Docs at that page.




Intro to Jake



Passing Parameters

Parameters need to be in square brackets, comma-separated, ‘no spaces around the commas.
Parse them out from the arguments object.


Normal Shell

jake clone[target,destination]


No problem



Wrap the task AND parameters in quotes; the project page indicates this is true for zshell.


jake 'clone[target,destination]'

jake "clone['target','destination']"


are identical.


sample jakefiles - has task to bump minor version

I prefer date-based, but still. similar. - Jake’s own jakefile - another project by the Jake developer - utilities was spun-off from Jake, I think. by the same dev, anyway



NOTE: These are from a different version of Jake, and might not be accurate “for me”



Packaging files via jake

I’ve had some trouble building zips with node.js. I could just give up, but I would like to keep using the JS toolchain -- that’s why I started using node in the first place!


I have some code to generate file-list @


I should have some more notes, but not sure where.


Various libs had problems. adm-zip was promising, but turned out to completely ignore subfolders -- so everything went into the zip at the same level. UGH.


UPDATE: seems the npm-version of adm-zip is 0.4.3 and the github version is 0.4.2, and 0.4.2 works according to the docs, creating subfolders as expected. woo!



See Also

NPM where Jake is included as a list of “must install!”




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