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OperasAndPlays: Gertrude Stein - a review by, as Ron Silliman pointed out, a very hostile reader as reviewer,,2212349,00.html - another review of Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice


Gertrude Stein On Punctuation by Kenneth Goldsmith


The chapbook Gertrude Stein on Punctuation (1999) reproduces an excerpt from Stein’s famous lecture “Poetry and Grammar” (1935) in which she provides a rationale for the use of certain forms of punctuation over others. This is followed by a series of three pages which consist solely of the punctuation marks taken from Stein’s essay and arranged by Goldsmith. The free-play of syntax across the white page is visually-pleasing concrete poetry, but also foregrounds that which often goes unnoticed: that punctuation signifies, but is viewed as having low connotative value.



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The World is Round

‘A Rose Is A Rose Is A’ 75-Year-Old Kid’s Book By Gertrude Stein



Tender Buttons

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The making of Tender Buttons



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