General Notes

Okay, I had this working for more than a year at


Only.... it stopped working sometime in 2015.06


Seems to be PHP5.5 related.
I didn’t change any server settings, and I specifically configured the server to use a pre 5.5 version.
Still no dice.





NOTE: on a second view, perhaps it’s not actually Blog It, but some other component?!??
Blog It seems to be fully functional.
I do not that removing Blog It causes the errors to go away... but that’s not conclusive....
Eh, I’ll see.



Notes on conversion

There is no extant PHP5.5 Blog It recipe



5.5 link-dump






Blog It wishlist

page previews (may now be possible with some new features?)
attachments use correct names
integrated calendar that recoginzes all blog pages, regardless of naming convention
dynamic blog-groups (ie, dates)
ability to add attachments when first creating page
documented hooks for extensions to blogit
more people using blogit!






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