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(:description the thing that this thing is:)

!! Logout and go to Main
Edit [[Site.PageActions]] and set the logout to go to the group Main (or whatever) instead of the current page:

* %item rel=nofollow class=logout    accesskey="$[ak_logout]"%''  [-[[Main/?action=logout | $[Logout] ]]-]''

If the current page requires access permissions, logout will bring up a login-prompt.
This is a nice "redirect" for such a situation.
Although it does apply to all pages.

TODO: how to link to the default group, instead of a specified group?

!! Line breaks

(:source lang=php:)
## enable linebreaks by default
$HTMLPNewline = '<br/>';

Seriously, I need this. What are some good reasons not to use it?
If users cut-n-paste text that has line-breaks, and they do not want those lin-ebreaks to appear.

!! server-local config file
Put stuff like URL and absolute paths in a separate config file.
load it from the main config.
This way, you don't have to worry about pushing config changes from dev to production.

TODO: example, and link to tamouse notes.

!! See Also

!! Category Tags