Summary: easier addition of toggle-markup.
Version: 0.1.20090914
Prerequisites: PmWiki 2.2.0, Cookbook:Toggle
Status: beta
Maintainer: MichaelPaulukonis
Categories: Editing Markup

Questions answered by this recipe

How can I easily add toggle markup when editing pages?
How can I add a toggle-button to the edit-gui-buttons?


pmToggleEdit adds a button to the edit-bar for easier addition of toggle-markup.


Requires the PmWiki Cookbook recipe Toggle to be enabled.



Basic usage


  1. edit page
  2. highlight region
  3. click the button that looks like a window-shade:




Output will look something like:


(:toggle id="tog1252880238887" show="Show message" init=hide button=1:)
(:div1252880238887 id="tog1252880238887" style="border:1px solid #999;
toggle this text

toggle this text



By default, the text is hidden, and the show message is simply “Show message”. A simple border-style has also been included. To ensure that divs can be safely toggled, the (:divn:)...(:divnend:) markup has been used. A unique id and div-number is assigned using on the Java Script Date.getTime() function.





Download Programming/ (3kb)

  1. Install Toggle
  2. copy toggle.gif to pub\guiedit\
  3. copy pm-toggle-edit.js to pub\
  4. add the following to your local\config.php:
$GUIButtons['toggle'] = array(90, '', '', '',
   '<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"pmAddToggle();\"><img src=\'$GUIButtonDirUrlFmt/toggle.gif\' title=\'$[toggle]\' /></a>');


$HTMLFooterFmt['toggle'] = '<script type="text/javascript"



  • Don’t forget to enable javascript in your browser!  



TODO - further development

The use of css for styling would be preferable to the hard-coded style currently included.


At least putting the default style into a more-readily-edited config variable, instead of the less-accessible javascript-file.



Unobtrusive JavaScript toggle

NOTE: as toggle.php is currently implemented, it does not degrade gracefully when JS is disabled (eg, hidden text remains hidden with no easy way to view, outside of page-source). See notes and proposed patch @ Cookbook:Toggle-Talk


see also: Cookbook:UnToggle which deals with this issue (but is a less robust toggle implementation?)



Button template

I’ve found it useful to keep a blank 22x22 button template lying around for adding new entries.
It’s included in Δ, but looks like


Hrm. Pretty boring, yeah? Use your imagination, and start filling it up.


See more buttons and ideas at Cookbook:GuiEdit



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