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Viewing PmWiki Page History

Out-of-the-box, PmWiki display’s page history as line-change diffs: before and after only of affected lines. If you select “restore”, you are dropped in an editor at that state.


I would like to see a (MediaWiki-style) diff where the entire page-as-it-was is visible.


Why? For Xrays Mona Lisa -- I want to be able to see the transition/transformations in time, the text ebb and flow.


Ideally, I would also like to (automatically) animate this history.


looking at scripts/pagerev.php



visualizing wiki history

Automating Wikipedia History a call for a plugin to animate edit-history that links to a dead page at Infoworld, but is now archived @
Heavy metal umlaut: the movie. I don’t know if that video was automated, but that’s what I would like to show.






“history” search in users-archive


better history display is a “planned enhancement” - from 2005


PITS request to _remove_ a given history point
PITS:00220 - Ability to view the wiki as-of a particular date (or tag)


display number of revisions


History flow: visualizing a wiki graphically


How Would I View an Older Page Version?
Viewing different versions of a page
merged view - 2003 thread


2006 request: create links to individual changes on history page
2009 solutionPatch: add deep-linking to revision






Diff in general

see Programming.Diff



Manual editing

You can manually edit a file to remove portions of history



History Fades away

History can be set to expire ($DiffKeepDays or CookBook:ExpireDiff); I don’t like this, in general -- especially for the XRML scenario, above.


It’s also possible to custom remove individual page-histories.



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