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Summary: Read-only display of Trello boards and cards
Version: 2013.06.19
Maintainer: MichaelPaulukonis
Categories: PIM
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Simple read-only listing of Trello cards by board.




You will need an API key, which you can get at


Download the project zip, copy pub/pmwiki-trello to your pub folder, copy pmwiki-trello.php to your cookbook folder, and add the following to config.php:


$trelloApiKey = "<your-trello-api-key>";






  • Put the markup (:trello:) without any arguments shows a list of all cards, sorted by board, where you want it to appear. It might work best in a side-bar.
  • (:trello board1,board2 +board3 include="board4,board5,board six" :) to display only cards for the named boards (case-sensitive). Quotes are optional, unless there are spaces in the board-name.
  • (:trello -board1 exclude=board3,board5,"board six" :) to display cards for all boards except as indicated.




See the Trello development board for further notes.


Known Issues

You can put more than one instance of the markup onto a page, but the code is currently only written to work with one instance. This applies to the final rendered page, so this applies to multiple instances in sidebars, headers, footers, and body. This fix is on the roadmap.




  • Sorting (ascending, descending, certain instances at top or bottom)
  • multi-markup support
  • OAtuh
  • Better handling of API-key.



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github repository








See discussion at PmWikiTrello-Talk?