From the far side on dow the day will die
Kill be lovers up abovery bestrangers hand
In arms behind me
Anding in your sad of the street
To far away, so far awoke be loventured in the twine in youres on the
Weird scene in your blue bus is call be lovers once with us
C’mon, yeah
Break on throu, my loves my lay me dance
With you my eye.


La, la, la, my love?
Can you still recalling us
Country in you will run
And where mobile side of the end of nights wilderness of painto this
And all the sof stars straight
Dug oured it baby
Weird scentured in the slipstream
Between that, you can’t hind me
And I’m put the wheels night baby
Let your chill never end
His breezes that siders on the times on th you
Mother side
Break on
And I stand, beautiful friend of the back of avaricture what will back
of the stars up abody loves my baby, take
And lown
Ride the viaducts of your arms
Ance with your eye.


Let’s enjoys the night
Night at you
Comin a Roman down the hall


He went into to you tonight
In another tin’ on his little slipstreak on through the children arees
are far side of the road.


Yeart-string of any eyeah, yeah


Wel rims crack
And on you know the and all the leaves ondance
With the standin’ with you
In your eyes
A fans
The end of the sto the sound I stand with me
Won’t your dark roads stop


Cou know he’s on the sto run
Tried to die


This world


The blue born
Into thide.


To the bright sling
To theels in motion
On heaven, oh
Break on through, oww!
Oh, yeah!


Make him unders once easy
To be be born again, torm
Ridere and we’ll do this house we’re what will it’s a me
Where mober skin is long
Seven mill recall
The childre and we’ll neve one more dand wide
Breake a long of any eye.


Let’s a marvell it’s a marvelous night a home a dog withou
And your eyes between island in your ars up in the dark en, way up in
the hand
Make side
Break on throthere his sister live your make romin’ that you’re moond
an island in your blush...


On’t you help me seems to go by some more romance bus
A fantry in your eyes
Arms the darvelous night for surpright
And straiting but a magic nights we treet
To the easy
To be born an island in silence easy
Rings that me
Father alone
Th a’ you, my low
And I’m trying to the room wher follow me
And I’m pushin this world
I found an island time see
There’s danger at at you go, ther world, darling that stands
Ther world
Intabulous night
Seems to shine
Week to ween the viaducts of you stile steel rim by this is the en
I whisper and on you taking us?


Then I will make on through this man a riders on the the goldmine
Rides an island sing to pler on the road.


From the dark.



created via Emacs’ “Dissociated Press” from a equal mixture of Jim Morrison and Van Morrison lyrics.



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