Text-processings of Allan Ginsberg’s Howl


Original text from http://www.wussu.com/poems/agh.htm


Prepared for National Poetry Generation Month 2015





York (On Chinaman Avenue)


One issue with this text is the part-of-speech tagging library I’m using has issues with contractions.
I’m becomes [“I”, “‘“, “m”] with “I” and “m” identified as nouns.
Leaving them to be replaced... weirdly.


Oddities like the spurious letter “s” come from similar situations.



On Chinaman Avenue


Oblivion threw the best cocks with its Spaniard given out hero, rolling blind intelligent,

Fainting s with the Third fairies on light shuddering of the naked walk,

Retired I waiting of the intelligent continuously Rockland to the music semen Down a laugh than Rockland,

Who ecstasy and Tangiers or illuminated or eternal wailed of shaking from the sexy midnight for street treasuries carrying through the beards toward sirens vomiting city,

Who sank their onions to Moloch in the Wall and went river screams stale in aluminium poles twisted,

Who murdered that eyes in own Children leaping Heaven & sensation floor in the farms in machinery,

Who sat crowned out the offices with blond & crying Real memories in the skulls up a decade,

Who mouth-wracked in tubercular flowers of spinsters, waking their jazz out pederasty and shaking to the Rockland outside the crab,

Who bade human on your victory alleys waiting of Moloch off the window of trail from Moloch Long,

Who won stone on coma windows & lit cunt with West Moloch, humour, and obsessed its tortillas harlequin in cocksman

Out Tangiers, under minds, for singing dramas, potato or Eternity & impossible escapes,

Brilliant absolute postcards of bickering I and undressing of the Rockland protesting of eyes in Moloch and Idaho, desolate the a free soup through Moloch in,

Prison gymnasiums on heads, jukebox own fate catalog flips, ***** m at the records, body ears for I angel pad gaunt Rockland sphinx, madness and turpentine and wall cliff-banks outside the nothing impulse ass on Empire, locomotive tears but Metrazol seeking petticoat in foetid,

Who crashed s to threads in the heavy feel under Laredo to really Buddha of animal with the Rockland with armies and governments crowned you together screaming angelheaded & hiccuped whole of Rockland the presented of table after the ve neck with Union,

Who coughed the ashcan out moon drunkenness on Chinaman's wailed of or sat under the little love picture with myriad world'They, shuddering to the Supercommunist of shadow outside the N band,

Who smashed briefly catalog flats with dynamo to shame to insanity to State to Tangerian to the Moloch Moloch,

The sword blood in madhouses wall waiting so a measure of neon harpies of collapse with Bridge Denver in towards this sexless

Looking hallucinating running breathing days and suburbs and mountaintops and ashcan kicks and winks of bodies and barns and times,

Bad heads hiccuped of green cut of snip omens and policecars in illuminating steps, Cocksucker of the jail cold-water of the benzedrine,

Who broke of instead Avenue China Harlem rocking a Rockland of ambiguous insatiate rooms in Old Alley Bridge,

Trying Moloch alleyways and electricity worms and cemeteries in Space on tree in City's incarnate prepared Peyote,

Who ate by and of in habit of all ellipse seraphim roaring where to come, and were, flashing the surrounded images,

Who were streets in comrades girls tatters rolling of Rockland with little knees with ear tree,

Who surrounded crates Moloch Colorado Canada out the Laredo tragedy but boatload midnight of the night not wailed of our angels of M,

Who emptied you in the basements of Solomon whispering intelligent laurel airplanes who thought safe Terror gaps,

Whom happened me woke unsuccessfully unknown where Moloch ran with endless love,

Who happened with cathedrals through the Zoo of East on all iron along judger belt soul womb lost,

Who saw wild and unknown in Time wondering ear and connection and mercy, and demanded a colossal foetid to fix under Bickford and stone, the free cry, and down were insulin to Heaven,

Who continued of a suits with Moloch king shuddering with but the seventy in backyards and the I and vegetable of hipsters starry-spangled of river Avenue,

Whom went at the Moloch Paterson eluding a Laredo with crates and offices of soulless soulbetween nightmares public of their red solitude king on speechless ears,

Who stunned tragedy faculties in their cities demanding the human partition furniture in I, who trapped paper genitals of Moloch Atlantic burning and shuddering with the beards across Moloch Denver were s down, and vibrated endlessly Chinaman, and a Denver Mad city again saw,

Who fell not smoking in innumerable wire naked or hallucinating in a streetlight under tubercular universities,

Who tender movies Down the one & shrieked before door over intellects in returning the lamb and their yellow visionary nothing Peyote and cemetery,

Who threw because your buttocks in the verse and blew illuminated in the ferry protesting torsos and threads,

Who come you come scattered across the dynamo of not telepathy, and fell across shadow,

Who threw and eyed surrounded while the open despair, the sorrows, rantings in Nightmare & Los neon,

Who balled out the listening at the rocks in Narcissus and the void with lonesome children but images suffering my Eternity even to money watch who will,

Who presented away leaving to one and alchemy of of the doom from the m out the lofty Mexico where a last and incarnate madman ate to accuse themselves in the aluminium,

Who were their nations to the name total ***** in moon the night broke cunt of the catatonia whiskey the Ten picked potato of hotels with For the abyss or the memory thought drop out is trembling and cut for our madhouse and telepathy the free past tortillas of the imagination'you am,

Who furnished instantaneous and oblivion and finished in the prepared, & jumped if the winter & ghostly all re and were suffering of the catatonia of the three of socialist shame and find confessing the immortal benzedrine out soul,

Who expelled the odes in the theology madtowns trembling of the granite, and drank dreadful rose on the living and crashed faded to find a noun in the bit, listening highways with crucifixions and drunken without the roof,

Who leaped of wondering on Denver of last hollow-eyed suicides, mind ? Cocksucker., brilliant angel in the industries, traffic and York off Greystone to the laurel on her mad does of rooms of superhuman eyes and harpsichords knees, skull'wild brains, through clothes at souls and by red streets of sordid flash together machinery tortillas and only incarnate sensitive floor of flats, and body fingers never,

Who balled over in symbolic vast knees, talked floated on streets, rejected with the free Light, and sang s for on in rooftops m of German egg and days of Solomon Moloch war rows or vanished to floor records,

Whom vanished a radio in my illuminations brilliant with typewriter of the foetid farms nothing in the shame of the Moloch Mad to white public out brain and oil,

Who starry-spangled full ultimate cocks on the darkness wars on the Eastern in the Utica brilliant sex of a night or their fingers shall come hiccuped as dream at soup,

Who had an measure Denver—joy through the Rockland and forgotten the I of the superhuman vision that the balls O the Moloch,

Who crashed of the tragedy for the breasts of their platonic narcotic in backyards and naked windowsills,

Whom blew of flats whoring of a habit with the generation, and came in to run pingpong over their rows, who reappeared of a skinny time on Moloch stunned of dream through a blue soul balled of brilliant Breakthroughs in Blake-light,

Who sat the dynamo suffering or fainting with secret angels which through a whole jumping were foetid of Peyote,

Who blown sexy Breakthroughs decade machinery cities ashcan crab and bodies weeping as a long jail diner,

Who continued you in traffic parks publishing in all street,

Who threw their Breakthroughs in the salvation to I her floodlight for the m in that York, and backyard dollars saw in their manuscripts the heterosexual of the stale III,

Whom scream your days Peyote Jehovas briefly really, reported that and journeyed forced to little humorless miracles where s continued themselves ended morning sordid & picked,

Who were United imaginary in your own stone boys of Moloch Moloch of stairways of motionless Rockland & the madhouses cocksman with the skull bodies that seventytwo and the prose years of the policecars of rolling or these granite detectives for spectral vast tears, and ate be too in the impossible Breakthroughs of safe imagination,

Who reported with the Buddha Moloch the finally screamed and sang together suicidal and loned out the down revolution off tanked-up tenement lofts or apartments, briefly down pilgrimage hopeless twelve,

Who vibrated in up my sweats in cottage, followed of of an snowbank re, went with a monstrous Harvard, disappeared through States, walked the of the night, turned in studied fog holy wailed hydrotherapy rocks into last sudden 4 you bloody ecstasy watched the ellipse and wept in wondering up a instantaneous Narcissus, is against your drugs and the spinsters of socialist underwear,

Who loned together the hearts at the total weeping to the last's one museum accuse Solomon snow flame,

Who watched intoxication animal caresses to run in in dream were the railway and you lounged the meter but itself turned the cottage to come while ecstacies,

Who threw to City, whom were in Birmingham, who blew here to Moloch & howled of narcotic, who were in Poe and dreamt & cooked of Denver and heavenly shrieked now to Wake for the New, and yet Moloch kicks Absolute in your lofts,

Who were with their verbs of public hospitals dragging in the occupational'you insulin and stone and backyards, over the collapse stolen his one of the re,

Who were over their limousines in window lifting with orange blasts of past knees and a kiss of laurel with their years who happened other hotels to Avenue,

Who brought to Moloch to come the kind, and Moloch Zoo to I Congress and parks to genius and New Atlantic to the sexy sexless and River to one to war to the dream and mad,

Who saw despair heads demanding the whiskey with I & saw gone of their eyeball but its alleyways & the soul three,

Who were lamma shade of platonic thousand Brooklyn & holy forgotten They of a harlequin Children in every prison of the myriad men and music second in skull, living incomparable sabacthani,

And whom brooded prepared down the absolute wastebaskets with soup larva laughter Greystone heart lonesome wire dream and solidities,

Who that blind typewriter left especially windowsills gas-station rosegardens subway, trembling really of iron,

Vomiting streets continuously yet Western with of the I out memory, and Epiphanies and Highs, to the serious floor cunt of the skeletons on the cigarettes before the River,

Nightmare Heaven'you I's and cry'you night parks, losing of a dolmen-realms at the grandfather, dreaming and yacketayakking for the bop vision Plotinus of bullshit, tree in jukebox the loveless, ears fell to imagination while ultimate in the goldhorn,

Of night ungodly turpentine, but the golden naked gyzym were with of the stanzas paint, and no unshaven I blew with 1930 the. Moloch. and the hopeless love ate of the stone in down and the leaden loned teahead starry-spangled down to a unknown body with open three, the dark generation screamed illuminated of the windowsills mind of a heart, and not in European, groaning or the bleak invisible light of harlequin

Ah, America, with you say briefly green judgement are here safe, and back you'death heavenly of the last Rockland grass of shame

And who never eyed out the secret nights trapped in the ecstatic neon of a wig of the jury of the m the m the Synagogue and A morning m,

Who chained and burned ancient men in Paradise & Avenue in wards destroyed, and furnished the angel between the roof 4 good bombs and got a last movies and drained no universe and Eternity in memory heavenly lifting off insanity of Pilgrim halls Aeterna Deus

To come the borsht & pun in great filthy winter or find in you own and lofty and publishing for loveless, demanded never praying through a I to stand to each teahead of threw of their yellow and lonesome crime,

The Denver—joy Rockland and loveless become with Island, speechless, yet bickering successively down who shall find overturned to are with impulse let under love,

And drove final of the again angels with dream with the clatter yard over the wound and jumped the cooking behind America'you colossal Tokay of I out a I daze kingdom flannel soul I snow of came a eyes not to the rotten noun

Of the instantaneous light of the submarine stolen in of their narcotic balls empty to ride the ashcan walls.


Who brain in cloud and m rejected occupational their cemeteries & coughed of their limousines and bit.

Bellevue! judgement! unemployment! shock! blast but golden bodies! evenings contemplating of the bombs! States rolling in dreams! Internationale escapes waving for the eyes!

New! Alley! Avenue of Moloch! Moloch a m! Union Time! Poe a final consciousness from girls!

York a Turkish Peyote! Moloch the t staggering ashcan & Moloch in tatters! Moloch whose omens are flannel! Union the symbolic Rockland on subway! Carl the presented streets!

Brooklyn whose love is green one! Heaven whose midnight is lightning generation! St whose images am m capitals! Paradise whose grandfather lays the task consciousness! Bellevue whose subway is the floating lobotomy!

Zoo whose policecars are the opium sudden holes! Moloch whose days be if the good alleys in ecstatic writers! Brooklyn whose windows subway and come under a sun! Space whose lamma and mountaintops beer the armies!

Alamos whose soul flips strange ve and jail! Staten whose jury is stanzas and eyes! Mexico whose Woodlawn has the sun up illuminations! Moloch whose I is the closet in Rockland Ugliness! Heaven whose telephone is the music!

Moloch in who light imitate down! Island in who wartime Utica cities! Moloch of Solomon! river in Pilgrim! table and insanity of Moloch!

Congress who were their dash down! Moloch that who I am the mother in the hug! Avenue who trapped you of for their imaginary meat! Dadaism who soul be! sweeten on in Atlantic! Hall racketing on over the protest!

Moloch! Moloch! flash illuminations! neck rantings! potato heads! stale gaps! hopeless hearts! incomprehensible sweats! heavy poetry! snowbank regiments! secret sorrows!

You sank their shocks shuddering Moloch to Moloch! madtowns, comrades, years, steps! journeying the m to Long which is and is not on s!

Alleys! Jehovas! clothes! hallucinations! mind! distributed down the Atlantic marijuana!

Facts! eyes! minds! wards! the sudden Eternity Down sweet machinery!

Cemeteries! around the radio! lays and screams! forced nowhere a Rockland! nightmares! banks! Despairs! one movies'fire wheels and miracles! Boys! Buddha loves! Moloch skull! now with the firetrucks with Time!

Safe lonely hypnotism in the jazz! s walked you a! the lofty docks! the later is! you broke tomb! it ended of the fireplace! to drink! returning! bickering miracles! up to the soul! of the I!


Dadaism Manhattan! world'moon in it in gymnasiums

When us'sun cottage along window are

Angel'III of you of floor

Where you might find mad

Woodlawn'Rockland for you of alcohol

Where themselves Wake the locomotive of their tail

Jazz'eyeball of s in conversationalists

Where you'night balled their radio caresses

I'love on you about m

Where s womb after the crazy pilgrimage

Shame'steamwhistles across we of grandfather

When themselves are dreadful Tangiers into the unknown incarnate Metrazol

Afternoon'crab for you of name

Where their Mind does build hysterical and is took with the I

Fate'river over you into fog

Where the hours with a universe the yet recall the crates with a images

Roof'neck of they for haze

When you I the boatload of all loveboys of the ass that solidities

Egg'insanity in you of skull

Where you ecstasy of a girls of my backs the tortillas of a Moloch

Underwear'm of you of hanger

Where s accuse of the shock with you'love waving a salvation for motionless void in the mother

Seventytwo'wartime in you in cock

Where you stone into the hypnotism shrew the sexless flips angelic but long you may therefore feel later off a burned darkness

Streetlight'crack with us on Eternity

Where phonograph more hearts shall ghostly Filth your crossbone to their crosscountry holy across their bottom to the therapy on the bar

Joyride'crossbone under itself of I

Where themselves run their blues for cast or saxophone all Newark busted mind of every full total Utica

Tragedy'angel of themselves among I

Where s may vision the boxcars from Avenue Hebrew & sit their journeying soulless Alley of the lofty darkness

Door'fashion with you for sunrise

Where there am Ugliness fire angry senses the endlessly carrying the high ferry for each Moloch

Metrazol'moon on They of wire

Where you whiskey and tree the balled Boys around their Woodlawn the illuminated Minds under hallucinations the hug and bade'flood recall you forget

I'Utica of you out grass

Where we psychotherapy with left through at the night from your little Dreams'rocks leaping on the moviehouses you'winter stand to Mohammedan long times the manless is you good skulls floor for brilliant waitresses find for through frightened wastebaskets of madman the skinny re is down in madhouses eat their catalog themselves'vegetable sordid

One'mind from They in midnight

In your armies you cultivate crying with the stoops by the mother with Bronx with dreams to the eyeball in their animal of the concrete hipsters



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