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You may notice that nowhere in this page does it mention that I have tattoos or that I am planning on having any. Maybe you didn’t notice. At any rate, I would like to mention that I am inkFREE by choice. What does this mean?


It means that I have chosen NOT to have tattoos. Do not confuse this with not being ABLE to have a tattoo. I could have a tattoo if I desired to. I do not. Now, you may find this a bit odd. You may think, doesn’t every normal internetter want to have at least one tattoo of his own?


We are a group of adults who all share at least one common desire: we do not wish to have tattoos of our own. We are teachers, doctors, business owners, authors, computer experts - you name it. We choose to call ourselves “inkFREE” rather than “tattooless,” because we feel the term “tattooless” implies that we’re missing something we want - and we aren’t. We consider ourselves inkFREE - free of the loss of personal freedom, money, time and energy that having tattoos requires.


Because being inkFREE-by-choice is rather frowned upon by our counter-cultural-centric society, finding information (or links to information) is difficult. Most of us are almost afraid to ask someone who might know where we can find what we’re looking for. . .the disapproving stares and cries of, “How can you not want a tattoo?!” often send us into a form of “hiding.” We feel like freaks and don’t realize exactly how many of us and exactly how much information is actually out there. This page attempts to remedy that problem.



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