tapeloops of herself herself from an alternate slidewise future pluperfectly obtuse sanguinely tapeloop she began again in the beginning


multiple tape recorder playback and shifting shifting sliding sideways timewinds repercussion repeated looping tape shift loop repeat and phase slightly stretch and synch no not quite align repeat


repeat repeat re: peat the peat-bog peat-moss bog trotting damp dank dark earth and soaking soaking shifting preserve as playback when the man was dug up centuries later


are we there yet? or are we still on the plane of existence where laundromats take quarters and the corner superette closed down ten years ago. wind those bandages tightly round my eyes -- i dont think i can take it any more. my organs are in the jar by the door, ill wait for the boatman right here.


yeah and when do you think I’m going to find the time for all of this nonsense? Splicing thin strips of outdated back-catalog magnetic media? Getting my hands dirty in some old dried-up swamp? Get real. “Dancing with the Stars” is on!





time loops



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