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Processing: Mosaic - photomosaics and computational-collages



Sideways thoughts

Sideways thinking -- text collages (cf Lewis Warsh). Images made of text, ascii art, &c.


Scattered Letters at Open Processing - not a collage.


If the image is pixellated and a block replaced with something-else of an “equivalent” value (average color, shade, intensity, ascii character based on light/dark, fragment of another image) - that’s a mosaic. If the source is a solid color, it looks more like a “traditional” mosaic. If the source is a (whole) photo - photomosaic. If the source is TEXT then... ??? - Sergio Albiac’s text-collages - a changing collage on OP, some of which elements are textual (images) [Hungarian!].



photo mosaic on open processing. doesn’t run online, but does locally.
OP: - like my Image Texter, but with more controls. And a weird font.



Glitch Art - no code provided, and the end-result is a glitch video. but the imagistic approach to modify the underlying image/text is worth exploring. I like the linked-video without the soundtrack. Not good for javascript-based live actions, but good for video/gif replay.


Gastrotypographicalassemblage - Herb Lubalin, Lou Dorfsman 1966



See Also

VisualAddiction.DigitalPhotography#composite - blending photos together atop one another, as opposed to side-by-side or overlapping. 100% overlap, in this case, I guess.

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