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Processing see also JS - PDEX repo


Processing Wiki
Wikipedia:Processing (language) - an online community platform devoted to sharing and discussing Processing sketches in a collaborative, open-source environment.


Unfortunately the choice of such a generic name as processing results in many irrelevant results when searching for this programming language on the internet.



Try using p5 or proce55ing, although the latter is frowned-upon.



download and install
per Supported Platforms, the 32bit version of Processing is reccomended.



“Hello World” documentary (Vimeo)
Drawing with code (youtube video) - books, etc.


Ben Fry is Edward Tufte armed with a compiler. Ben produces incredible dynamic visualizations with his custom Java-based, open-source processing language. It even comes with its own custom IDE.


Dynamic, Lightweight Visualization - Coding Horror, 2007


Ben Fry’s current site (post 2010) is - The Temboo Library makes it easy to connect to over 100 web-based resources and services with Processing
creating animated gifs with processing website of Generative Art: a practical guide using processing author Matt Pearson and
generative art lighting talks discussion part of


Processing for Programmers - Processing is (not)? Java!, plus notes on debugging, external editors, and using Programming\Git?.


25 life-saving tips for Processing sites) - Procedural content generation algorithms on the PCG wiki. Not sure where to put this.



Creating a fade/fading trail

Creating a trail of moving object in Processing
I can see your particle remnants: misadventures in alpha blending. - trouble w/ the HTML5 canvas, which I believe would apply to processing.js exports, not the java server.



Cellular Automata in Processing - Ch. 7 from Daniel Shiffman’s The Nature of Code
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Save as jpg, png, etc easily.
But to get hi-res files, save as pdf


gif-animation - writing to, and importing and displaying, as well. !!!




I think I’ve reached the tipping point, for this page to turn itself into a dedicated Group.


Craig Reynold’s page on his boids
pseudocode analysis


I’m working on a “lexical” flocker -- where the boids are lexical elements, and flocking behavior relates to lexical similarity as well as proximity.



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Programming.Logo#CurlyLogo - a link on there moves from a discussion of CL to Processing.



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