everybody knows “a Michael.” I’m the Other one.


During the day, I am known as Michael J. Paulukonis. The J. stands for “kinda pretentious, aren’t you?” or Joseph. Take your pick.


I have another (self-promo) website @ http://MichaelPaulukonis.com. Oh. Look at that. No middle initial....




a feral child raised by wolves in the wilds of south dakota and speaking no known language


after MLA saboteurs killed his parents in a gruesome dictionary disaster he devoted himself to ridding the world of linear language


granted superhuman powers by an ancient god found in a dusty tome of shakespeare, the author has committed himself to righting the linguistic wrongs of the world


when a library accident hideously scarred his features he retired to a life of seclusion and semantic obscurity


a crack team of government-trained surgeons put him together with one purpose


he writes these things with his toes on an old typewriter bequeathed to him by his grandfather. it is cold and his fingers are encased within warm woolen mittens. they itch. at night wolves bay beneath his window as they feed on his scraps and leavings. their paper-rich diet has made them whisper-thin and leathery. they creak as they walk. their howls are like unto the turning of pages. it is cold outside the house, and there is nothing more to be seen. it snows.


there is no truth to the rumor that he is cruising with elvis in bigfoot’s ufo. although he has been known to play cribbage with bat-boy.


True Stories

True Stories



Other Possibilities


a likely story


Meet the Other


“neither hiking nor sailing. Programmer, scribbler, striker of keys on keyboards.”

From my Amazon.com wishlist profile. No clue when I wrote this. Not inaccurate, however.


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http://michaelpaulukonis.com - vanity, vanity, all is vanity


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@OtherMichael and @XraysMonaLisa - yep, it’s MicroBlogging time!


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good reads - every few months I tell myself I will keep up with posting to Goodreads. I never do.....


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diaspora account - hunh. I keep forgetting about this. See some links and notes.




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Please note that the above are not listed in any particular order, and the frequency of my visits to any given site may be low. Email is usually the best method of contacting me, unless you catch me at my desk.






Selected Online Biographies


C#, ASP.NET and Java Script coder. My PHP skills are roughly on par with my ELisp? skills (i.e., only worth mentioning for the laugh-value).



I’m a developer using C#, ASP.NET, and Java Script on the Windows platform. Sometimes I use Visual Studio, and sometimes I use Emacs.



I’ve been programming professionally in C#, ASP.NET, Perl, Java Script and VB6 (!!!) since 2003. Emacs and Fire Fox are my preferred environments. After that, I like to throw wikis at problems to make them go away. And if they don’t go away, at least we’ve got the page revisions under version control!


You know what they say about bad code? It’s anything YOU wrote, or anything I wrote more than 6 weeks ago.




I keep trying to add days to that equation....




I study code to make my life easier.
I document code to make my coworkers’ lives easier.
I write code to make YOUR life easier.


Application, web, and database developer in a variety of business applications. Always interested in documentation development and converting requirements to specifications. Wiki administrator, contributor, and evangelist.




Programming Languages:
C#, ASP.NET, Java Script, Visual Basic (VB) 6, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SQL, XHTML, Perl, Emacs Lisp


Digital Imaging/Enterprise Content Management Technology:
Fortis\FortisBlue(approve sites), InputAccel\FormWare (EMC-Captiva)



Wiki setup and administration (PmWiki, Screwturn, Trac), Firefox extension development (XUL + Java Script)