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!! [[#General]] General Notes

!! adding to [@.NET@]
so, say you've built a win32 [@ActiveX.exe@] control (NOT a [@.dll@] and you need to attach it to your win64 (Win7, in my case) .NET project....
Add a reference to it!

Well, after you've registered it.

Open a shell with admin-priviledges and execute the following:
->[@\path\to\ActiveX.exe /regserver@]

If you've previously added the component to your project, and need to re-register a new version
->[@\path\to\ActiveX.exe /unregserver@]


->[@\path\to\ActiveX.exe /regserver@]

I'm not clear on whether you need to unregister/re-register for a new build. Perhaps only if binary incompatible?
Or maybe always, particularly if you've set project properties to copy into the build folder.

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