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Pidgin Portable


I’m using Pidgin Portable inside of DropBox. Which works great.... except for the proliferation of conflicted copy files inside the .purple folder. bleaugh.



Copy settings

Pidgin stores the buddy list, pounces, preferences, and other data as XML files in a “hidden” directory in Windows. This data can be useful for transferring data between Pidgin clients without reentering your data each time.


To copy/backup your data, head over to C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Application Data\.purple\ and copy the XML files.


To transfer them to a Pidgin Portable installation, paste the files in \PidginPortable\Data\settings\.purple\ overwriting any existing files.



Enabling Pidgin Perl on Windows - why is Perl disabled in Pidgin Portable? - only binary-compatible with 5.10 (Strawberry or Active?)


Google Talk SMS plugin - required Perl support. see my issues above.

If you’re running 64-bit Windows, make sure that you install the 32-bit version of Perl; Pidgin is a 32-bit application on Windows.



using for Lotus Notes

  1. In Pidgin, setup a sametime account under manage.
  2. Set the server as sametime.<company>.com
    • or possible Accounts >> New
  3. Your username and password would be your Lotus Webmail username and password.+/


My company contacts were auto-imported when using this account.



how to connect to irc with pidgin - from 2007, but still roughly accurate



sending blank lines

OMG! Who would want to send a blank line? Like, really?


Like, I SO totally would! you know? to set off chunks of code and text, and, like, whatever


It’s [shift + enter] which should have been obvious, only it wasn’t. In my previously heavily used work-client (Lotus), good ol’ enter worked... just like an enter key! Imagine!



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