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Programming: Chrome

General Notes

Wikipedia:Google_Chrome - google’s web browser


Hacker News: on “extensions” for Chrome and other topics
Hacker New: why IS Chrome so much faster than FireFox, anyway???
Lifehacker: add a bookmark button to toolbar and other command-line parameters


Linux Magazine: Customize Chrome for Better Browsing



Extensions !!!




Extensions ???

How to build a chrome extension in 15 minutes Dec, 2009
How to create chrome apps
Chrome Extensions tutorial: “hello World”
How to build a chrome extension, Part 1



older ext. links (re-evaluate and/or delete)
Life Hacker: Extensions gallery open to devs


How to build a Google Chrome extension in 15 minutes


Chrome extension using jQuery-UI


Why Chrome has no NoScript -- from the NoScript author, with a comment by a google-person.


SitePoint: web-developer extensions



Greasemonkey\user scripts

Life Hacker: Enable User Scripts in Google Chrome


see also: Java Script.Grease Monkey


(some) GM scripts reconfigured for Chrome


Super User: How do you use Greasemonkey scripts in Chrome?






Chrome Experiments



See Also

Fire Fox.Extension Development



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