I need a monitor


I’ve got an old, bulky 17″ CRT that takes up half my desk. It’s too close to my face, and I can’t move it any further back, unless I pull the desk from the wall, and that’s not going to work, either.


I’m now used to a ViewSonic VG2021m at work. 20″. 22 annd 24 sound so GOOD, though....


Or, what about TWO 20″ displays? That would be a more cost effective way to get a ... two-panel display....


Not sure if my current machine could handle all of that, though....


Dell Dimension 2400
Radeon 9250




22 inch


Samsung 24″


23 inches of monitor pleasure


So I got the monitor! And my video card won’t handle the optimal resolution, so everything is fuzzy. !#@&*$)@*#&)@&#)@ But it IS nice and big. And fuzzy.



I got a new video card, but it only got the correct resolution in digital mode, not analog (so I ditched my KVM). Video card futzes out and goes blank at irregular intervals. Should have returned it early on. too late, now.... OtherMichael June 09, 2010, at 11:11 AM



Multiple monitors

I finally got a second monitor at worked (found a dusty, un-used LCD in an otherwise empty cube).







Desktop weirdness



Tried this, briefly at work. Didn’t stick for long, because my desktop is so seldom on display... hrm...


try it at home? .... once I get some more memory....




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