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HN: can DropBox be trusted? (mostly FUD on the eula, but gets some technical) cc. 2008


dropbox vs (other) synching applications


HN: file-sharing extension up, then down, then discussion




Dropfox - share a firefox profile cross-computer via DropBox
Life hacker: Use DropBox for more than just file-synching -- a list of unusual uses. See also
20 Dropbox “Hacks”
a quick tweet emacs remember mode + dropbox = Sharing the same notes file between all my computers ... but... only the notes file, not the links to other files???



Other folders
sync GreaseMonkey-folder via DropBox (in Hebrew -- scroll-down for English)

  • requires junction, or something like it





.NET 3.5 program to set the path arbitrarily - have not tried. Only an .exe and no viewable source-code.


can’t find a way to interrogate dropbox to get the path on any given machine... has the API come out yet? (Jan 26, 2009: no)


python script to display config info including path


so. it IS possible.....



Emacs integration

.... hrmmm...


so far, just a simple copy-to-hard-coded-location (see notes in Path, above). and open-my-dropbox.


(defconst dropbox-path "</path/to>/My Dropbox" "Path to DropBox ON THIS MACHINE")

(defun dropbox-copy (&optional file-name)
  "copies provided file into DropBox.

If no file-name is provided, the current-buffer's file is copied.
Should make this smarter for non-file-visiting buffers, maybe...."


  (setq file-name
        (or file-name (buffer-file-name)))
  (copy-file file-name dropbox-path t))

(defun dropbox-dired ()
  "opens dropbox in dired"
  (dired dropbox-path))



see also:



but, just how SAFE is Dropbox?

“Any sensitive data you should be encrypting anyway. I use TrueCrypt volumes mounted inside Dropbox.”


“Dropbox currently comes with 2GB of free storage, which is in turn stored on their Amazon S3 account which they further secure with their own AES-256 encryption in addition to using SSL before anything is ever sent out.”



paranoia about Dropbox security, and counter-arguments in the comments:


not extremely informative, DropBox help: How secure is Dropbox?


Ultimately, I use it, and have experienced no issues.


HackerNews: June 2011 Security breach at DropBox? and lots of discussion on security in general



(FOSS?) Alternatives?

How to build your own open-source dropbox clone -- more of “experimental notes” than a how-to, and more of a “some functionality, on some clients” than a clone. Points to some interesting existing projects, though.


Lifehacker: Dropbox vs. the Alternatives: Which Online Syncing Service Is Right for You?



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