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Programming: GIF

animated images on the web in an image

See VisualAddiction.AnimatedGif for more about the culture and viewing of animated GIFs.
This page is about more technical stuff.
Or non-technical links to make them.
true-color examples or, GIF is NOT limited to 256 colors


animated-gif tooling lazyweb request



making - personal minifestos -- animated text. Used here several times

Written in CommonLisp, believe it or not - SKIPPY - Read and write GIF files with Common Lisp - make animated gifs in your browser, using client-side processing (from images, not videos)






Generating from You-Tube

There are a bunch out there.
I’ve used successfully. and did not work for me.



Mine own codez

blog post on pixellated gif with processing - see also Processing



See Also




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