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use hotmail from gmail


Super User: What features are MISSING from GMail?


can also be used for domain-mail via google gears....


I can move labels to the right-bar, and re-organize the left-bar, but I can’t move from left to right. aaargh.


Gmail does not support rich full-text search -- the indexer used is very limited. Among other things no synonyms, word stems, or subwords are indexed.

--via HN thread on various Gmail things




Been working with it -- add email as task, archive it out of the inbox, take care of it via task completion.


Task annoyances: done tasks stay on the list -- which is good up to a point. But I’d like to remove them to a “done” list. Guess I’ll just have to create such a thing.


Also, ceasing editing of a task is not intuitive -- “back to list”. And creating a new task? If you hit ENTER you get a new task... aaargh.




Hrm. just started using this. via gmail, anyway. I had used it in the waaaaaay past. two years ago?



Using it better

google support: Filters
google support: advanced sorting - operators, etc.
advanced filters
Gmail filters and boolean operators



Use alternate sent-from address to help sort replies

gmail >> Settings >> accounts and import >> Send mail as >> send mail from another address


Set it up with the plus-tag -- eg,


This means that replies can be easily filtered based on your target address, not their source address.




Better Gmail from




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Security? -- notes on encrypting Gmail



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