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Honestly, I prefer FireFox, but sometimes, at work....


explorer evil
hat tip to Tim Krause


I have found the nexus of the crisis, and the origin of storms. And it uses Internet Explorer 7.




There’s some interesting stories out there about the push to build, coasting, and return to form.
Plus, the timeline is useful.
As is browser share usage.
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Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_1 - 1995.08.16
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_2 - 1995.11.22
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_3 - 1996.08.13
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_4 - 1997.09
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_5 - 1999.03.18
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_6 - 2001.08.27
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_7 - 2006.10
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_8 - 2009.03.19
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_9 - 2011.03.14
Wikipedia:Internet_Explorer_10 - 2012.10.26
Internet Explorer 11 - an incomplete build leaked in 2013.03






Browser share usage

IE share historical stats from w3schools. hunh.
see also: Wikipedia:Usage_share_of_web_browsers which doesn’t break it apart by version, but cites stats from several other sources



fixing things ?


“IE7.js is a JavaScript library to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser. It fixes many HTML and CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6.”


I haven’t tried it yet.




Adding Trusted Sites via the Registry

I ran into an issue adding trusted domains.
A non-admin user couldn’t add the site as a trusted domain (required for various reasons, including a ActiveX control. ugh!), and my attempts to add via group-policy were not working.


However, using this technique I was able to export the entries from an admin user, and import them for the non-admin user.



Enhanced Security Configuration

Enhanced Security Configuration


Security is good. Even though its pretty much irritating. It is sooooo difficult to download even Microsoft components on a browser with this enabled. blarg.



Debugging, Trouble-shooting, and errors
How to view javascript errors in Internet Explorer 7




Testing in IE7 mode in IE9 and IE10 is close, but not close enough.
You really need IE7.
Like a hole in the head, but if the client has IE-7 shaped head-holes, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Not sure about IE8.



Multiple Explorers - this is “an installer which contains IE3 IE4.01 IE5 IE5.5 and IE6″ (using DLL-redirection to get what it needs).
Untested by me. THANK G-D.


Actually, now I’m a bit curious....



Prompting to save passwords, after you told IE to stick it

... and then changed your mind.
Internet Explorer Won’t Let You Change A Saved Password? Hack The Registry!


In my case, I had already wiped the password store in an attempt to restore prompting, which was fruitless.
I had set “prompt me!” via tools, but that also yielded no fruit.
However, going to the registry (for HKLocalUSER not HKLocalMachine) and resetting AskUser to 1 did the trick.



working with Legacy Internet Explorer



If you need to use JSON, it’s not built-in. You’ll have to use json2 from Douglas Crockford.


I tried using the js-shim but didn’t see any differences



While json.js will not do anything is JSON is defined in the browser, you could use something like the following:


<!--[if IE 8]>
  <script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/json.js"></script>


NOTE: this would not work for IE7 or IE6. But then again, what would?


Jquery 2.x branch does not even support dinosaur browsers -- meaning IE8.



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