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Programming: OCR

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Optical Character Recognition


other open-source OCR tools


create PDFs from TIFFs also incorporating commercial OCR Xpress ($3999 pro dev license) - might be worth checking out


Stack Overflow questions tagged OCR


Stack Overflow: beginning OCR coding



free online OCR services

Online is a free service in a “Guest mode” (without registration) that allows you to convert 15 images per hour.


of dubious quality.
I ran a pretty clean JPG screenshot of notepad, with mono-spaced courier text through it, and was surprised at the number of errors.
OTOH, it was a JPG, and it was a free service.




Windows 7

Win7 has OCR (for TIFFs) built-in





open-source google-supported project



Linux-only, but you could run as an OCR server, or under Cyg Win?



Tessaract - for .NET 2.0



Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro can do OCR in batch-processing mode


Batch OCR using Acrobat Professional - an Adobe-blog entry


download for a free 30-day trial


trouble-shooting ....



See Also

Emacs.OCR - a dedicated editing mode for OCR’d texts



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