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March 26, 2014, at 02:30 PM by MichaelPaulukonis - digital culture
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!! Study
[[|LectureFox's comp-sci area]] - lecture notes & podcasts from various universities
[[|great blogs about software design, computer science, the software business]] - joel-on-software forum thread. (I need to re-review this, and see what to integrate, here)

Stack Overflow: [[|Programmer's daily websites]]

!! Failure
[[|Infamous Software Failures]]

!! Hey! Why is page [@n@] in Programming? It's not about ''Programming''!!!
Because in addition to being about coding, this section is about digital culture
For lack of a better place

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I'd add in [[|BugBash]] but update history in 2008 is "barely."

Stack Overflow: [[|Programming cartoons]] (long page)
December 02, 2008, at 09:44 AM by OtherMichael - "must-visit" daily....
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Stack Overflow: [[|Programmer's daily websites]]

I'd add in [[|BugBash]] but update history in 2008 is "barely."
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(:pagelist group=Programming:)
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[[Attach:project.jpg|the realities we face]] - unknown source, from [[~StevePrice]]