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Programming: Scheme

a Lisp dialect



configuring on windows, because the installer is stupid. - via Peter Norvig’s


“Why I recommend Scheme” - thread on Hacker News


Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation (uses Dr Scheme?)


an implementation of R4RS Scheme for the Palm OS !!! see also StringCanPhone.Palm
Pocket Scheme - for Windows CE


Joel S. complaining about the dumbing down of CS education with Java, and advocating for Scheme


lots of Schemers in Montreal, plus industrial applications


visualization tools for students of Scheme - a simple Scheme interpreter written in Java, of all things


scheme in JavaScript



the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

MIT’s “Wizard Book” online - Great programming (with scheme)


SICP at the C2 wiki


discussion of SICP
thread on Learning Lisp - a number of advocates for SICP (and other books)
a critique (pdf) in favor of Miranda



Tiny Scheme



used in the GIMP


so see also Emacs’ Gimp Mode



Iron Scheme

Iron Scheme - Scheme for the .Net CLR



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