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Programming: Search


google google google.



Why GHacks writer switched to DuckDuckGo - has usage tips
DuckDuckGo is blowing up (Hacker News) - terminal emulator


How Google is Killing Organic Search - discussion on boing boing, with lots of duck-duck-go comments


Duck Duck Go search engine founder talks about data privacy [video]


search syntax


I’m feeling ducky - equivalent to now-defunct (?) google “I’m feeling lucky”-goto-the-first-result search






Federated Search

Federated search is an information retrieval technology that allows the simultaneous search of multiple searchable resources. A user makes a single query request which is distributed to the search engines participating in the federation. The federated search then aggregates the results that are received from the search engines for presentation to the user.

I’d like to be able to integrate the search on, but it needs to search (mainly) pmwiki and wordpress.


external search engine

Having a custom google-search to search the entire site is one method ed:
Sadly, this does not work with duck-duck-go - three results, none of which are the actual XAMPP page
I tried both lower-case and upper-case


custom engine

Okay -- how to hook into PmWiki?

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