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Programming: Shell

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Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v1.05r3 - A Beginner’s handbook


scsh - the Scheme shell - how interesting. see also Scheme



In windows, often accessed via the Command Line


see CmdPrompt for more details


issues when using non-native shells over Remote Desktop (RDP)

So. Freaking. Slow. I work-from-home (WFH) a lot, so this is an issue for me.


Back to console emulators, though. If I wanted to go nitpicking, both Con Emu? and Console2 work less well over an RDP connection than the stock console, which is noticeable if you tend to remote into machines quite frequently. It’s not that they work badly, but Microsoft clearly spent a lot of time optimising the stock console to work well over RDP (or to have RDP work well with the stock console), so there is a bit of lag when scrolling. It doesn’t make either tool unusable but you notice it’s there.




Windows Power Shell

see Windows.PowerShell



Console2 “replacement”
Scott Hanselman: Console2 - A Better Windows Command Prompt - goes through a list of configuration settings (some of which are below)



“scroll lock” or, The Dreadful Up-Arrow Scrolling Nightmare
you can try to disable Use Scroll Lock for scrolling in Console Settings > Hotkeys.
i don’t even have a Scroll-lock button on my keyboard!


NOTE: by default, Console2 maps Ctrl-C to a copy-selection command. This is great!
Unless you need to use Ctrl-C to exit a process.
In which case, you’ll have to remap copy.


right-click >> Edit >> Settings






If you don’t want GnuWin32 available on the path (say, because the default windows find command is required for builds), add it to the PATH as you call the shell command:


%comspec% /k set PATH=\path\to\GnuWin32\bin;%PATH%




edit the xml settings



Integrating with explorer




cmder - this is what I’m using these days
See also: MJP:Blog.2015-02-26




256 colors on the linux shell



Shell Scripting

see also Sed



See Also




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