Important to Remember

“Will MySpace ever lose its monopoly?” (2007)



A brief, incomplete personal history

I was on friendster, left after the alt-purge
What then? next, after BoingBoing pointed out there was a BB tribe
MySpace at somepoint.
Flickr counts?




Stackoverflow et alia



I just signed up for Pinterest on 2013.04.10 and dang!, it’s addictive!


It’s a neat, quick way to grab & share images, or pages that contain images, that I’m interested in, but don’t really feel like blogging about.


I’m using this Firefox extension alongside it.




Tribe.Net and me
My now-wife tracked me down after a couple of years of no-contact and a changed phone via tribe.
The dicussion-coding was great!
It was owned by Marc “Zynga” Pincus who supposedly took the first $65K that the users begged Tribe to take in subscriptions, and ran off to create a poker app, which then became Zynga. F#cker.

spun off by members
Cleaning Up the Board Alternative to Tribe without the censorship with claiming to be - a “review” on


I had a membership; it’s been years YEARS since I logged in



Linked In - guess who.
The Creepiest Social Network ?!



github (wait. WHAT?!??)

On Citizenship in open-source software development
Programmers.StackExchange: How do I deal with a difficult programmmer joining an open source project?
Social Coding in GitHub: Transparency and Collaboration in an Open Software Repository (pdf)
GitHub is MySpace for hackers


I have, or thought I had, some more notes on github, et alia, as social software.


See Also: Programming\Git?



Hacker News

The Evolution of Hacker News


I got a login at one point, but forgot the password.
You actually have to email Paul Graham to have it reset.
I’ve never gotten around to caring enough to do it.


Giles Blowkett on reformatting Hacker News as a Newspaper (site was down when I checked on 2013.05.20 3pm EST)




Watching Team Upworthy Work Is Enough to Make You a Cynic. Or Lose Your Cynicism. Or Both. Or Neither. or Upworthy team explains its success. Not sure where else to put this. Maybe under ClickBait ?
Upworthy links tend to annoy me. All of these mini-stories annoy me.
I should look at that more....


Something funny happens, though, when you track the decisions Upworthy’s made in order to differentiate itself from the rest of what they call “medialand.” They emphasize quality, not quantity, taking their time to cull content down to the most potent material. (“Nobody was desperate for a media site that offers a faster stream of content.”) They stress videos, visuals, narratives, and emotional experiences. They aim to drive the topics the internet’s discussing on a given day, not latch onto them. They care about fostering deep engagement with their brand as a one-stop provider of substantive experiences. Their target audience is the whole broad mass of Americans. Sure, they may be wary of online media’s usual suspects, but what they’re creating is not some bold next step beyond the Huffington Posts of the world; it’s a step back to the broadcast values of older media. What they’ve come up with is a lot like old-school general-interest programming, a sort of web-based cross between 60 Minutes and Reader’s Digest and a very socially responsible TV morning show.




Watching a curator crank out headlines is a bizarre experience, insofar as it’s almost indistinguishable from watching people toss out parodies of Upworthy headline styles—either way, the mind runs immediately to stock phrases like “you’ll never believe,” “you’d be wrong,” or “everything wrong with [topic] in one [piece of content].” This does not bother Critchfield at all. “I’m not making a fashion statement here,” she says. “I’m trying to get shit done. We could hit the next big thing in testing tomorrow, and then completely reorient and change.”



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MicroBlogging - twitter et alia



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