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Programming: Time Tracking

keeping track of what you did

Some personal notes on time-tracking software (and other methods?)


I’m looking for a good, free, time-tracker so I can gauge how much time I’m devoting to my freelance projects (and be fair to my wife, and myself, in the rough approximation of billing this project has been).



Using T-Sheets at work -- after some adjustment, like it. Annoying, of course, to have to account to things, but its important for accounting, etc. Plus, it is personally useful to see exactly how much time I _have_ been spending in a particular area over a week or more...


I don’t use T-Sheets at home, because even the reduced freelancer rate of $10 is more that I want to spend right now. But it’s various entry methods and reports are great. I’ve packaged it into a freestanding Prism? application that does everything, except handle one of the pop-up reports... need to log a bug.



Klok -- Adobe air application, but slow response (my machine? JS in general can slow it to a crawl). Seems the most similar to T-Sheets of the apps that I tried. Like the view where hours can be adjusted by dragging.


Interface is still klunky -- maybe I just didn’t use it enough.



myHours -- the winner, what I’m using now. The entry interface has its issues, and there is nothing (that I’ve found) as nice for adjustments as T-Sheets, nor are reports “beautifully” presented i charts, etc. But it is free for a freelancer, and does what I’m wanting, without being painful.



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