A mouse is mobile

A stationary “replacement” (?) for the mouse.


I would probably recommend a trackball with the ball in the center operated by fingers, as opposed to left-offset for the thumb.
I haven’t used such a mouse, but I remain dubious.
(I note that a coworker is aghast that I do not use a thumb-ball trackball. Hunh.)


I was given a trackball around 2002, but gave it away to someone with a laptop.
I got one again in 2010, and fell in love with it for the desktop experience AND mobile laptop use (which I now do/have). It was a Kensington 64213 Expert Pro Mouse. I don’t really use all of the extra buttons and things. Perhaps I should.





Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring

I got one at a former job.
The Scroll Ring stopped working after 3 months.
Plus, no middle-click drove me crazy.



Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball (without scroll ring)

Got at work.
UGH! No scrolling! See below...



Scrolling with scrollwheel or X-buttons

After the first two buttons, the others are apparently X-buttons, and a number of AutoHotKey scripts and apps allow for scrolling with the use of those buttons.




I’m on Windows7 and using the Kensington Orbit Optical Trackball without scrollring - it’s a two-button trackball, without the X-buttons required by most of the AHK scripts and applications pointed out by others.


However, MouseImp is working for me on Windows7. It’s configurable, but I have it set up for right-click + roll to get me a screen of scrolling. It’s more like a drag, so the pointer moves, and you’ve only got one screen at a time...


At the same time, Kensington’s TrackballWorks has been configured to give me a page-down scroll on left-click + right-click. Unfortunately it can’t then scroll back up a page at a time (one or the other).



Adapted from my notes @ my SuperUser answer



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