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I have no cell contract, just using it as a tiny computer (UMPC?). The Os is Windows CE 6.0, and I can’t seem to decide what info should go on THIS page or that. In time, things should shake out. I’ve only owned since Oct 12, 2008....



The slide-out keyboard can be awkward, but there is (usually) a MENU next to the center icon at the bottom with several input options -- on-screen keyboard, letter recogizer, block recognizer, transcription, etc. I prefer the letter recognizer, and feel like I’ve got a Palm, again! See also wing text-entry methods. I recently installed Emacs (see below) but haven’t figured out how to get access to Ctrl- and Meta- (alt) keys, yet....



T-Mobile Wing community wiki


XDA developers wiki
Newbies guide to Herald/Atlas
lots of Wing upgrading links
more upgrade links
flashing a ROM


speed up the wing - steps and programs to move to SD card and free up memory (= faster)


Other software

TinyTwitter - nice. Windows Mobile version


look at c-net downloads for WinCE. lots of payware. I’m cheap....
“free” software




EmacsWiki:Emacs_and_EmacsWikiMode_on_PDAs  hmmmm.....


a thread
WinCE Emacs


I modified the batch file to match where I installed it on my Storage Card, and manually moved the celib.dll to the (slow) \Windows directory.


I actually got it installed and running... of sorts. Need to tweak the display to fit on-screen. And I can’t figure out how to access the Ctrl- or Meta- key sequences. Which sort of leaves out everything except typing in *scratch* since there are no menus....


Next step....


CTRL-key available via the OSD. Could do some basic things.... No ALT.


BUT, you should be able to use ESC to replace the ALT/Meta key... except there’s no ESC key on the 4350, either....


maybe this will work? escape.exe for simulating the ESC key?




Powder - uhm. Deleted it.
NetHack - download and run on the desktop PC, not on the wing. Tile mode graphics aren’t so bad. I hope to switch to ASCII-graphics once I’m used to the interface and gameplay. This makes me something of a wuss, doesn’t it...
Stella - Atari 2600 emulator. I’m finding the controls awkward. But much easier when I discovered the screen orientation rotates when I press the green-phone button
MAME -- yes, MAME. Many games do not work for no reason, and sound I have found sluggish at best. Dig-Dug runs very slowly. The processor here is 247 Mhz (overclocked), but the original game was less than 10 Mhz, so even after emulation, isn’t that fast enough? I guess not...



Memory and Expansion

4 GB micro-SD card.


CygWin and the command line

There is no version of CygWin available; I would presume because it is too tiny, too unlikely to be used as a (u|li)nix machine, and this too much bother to port to this OS. The me of one-week-ownership laughs at this naive question of the me-of-one-day-ownership.


However, there do appear to be versions of SSH or the like available...


Oct 30 - I’ve been thinking more about this. A command-line for a semi-real-time OS does seem... odd. How to break away from the command line to do the immediate, pressing tasks? (may not really that much of an issue, if using windows management.) Or how to do some of the tasks? I think I’m imaging the primary OS interface as command-line driven. How would one make a phone call? Take a phone call?


I’m sure it’s possible. Awkward perhaps.


But you know, I love the idea.


And the more I think about it, the more I would prefer to navigate the filesystem from the machine via the command-line, instead of through WinCE explorer, or via my PC. ugh.


Pocket-Controller Pro seems to provide shell access for $35, but I can’t tell if that’s via the PC, or not


WinCE.NET includes a command processor shell ... ?
shell over serial but talks about launching cmd.bat from the phone -- ?? I haven’t dug deep enough?


Pocket Console - freeware; just the console drive, still need a command-interpreter


or see this roundup of info


PowerShell - opensource - look through other projects at Source Forge



The built-in Adobe Reader LE (v 2.0) read 1 out of the first 5 PDFs I tried it with (Paul Graham’s “On Lisp”, interestingly) and that one had lousy visuals - I had to scroll sideways to read each line. Supposedly, 2.5 has better functionality. But I’ve already moved on...


Downloaded MobiPocketReader and it converts my PDFs into some sort of proprietary format, but they configure themselves to fit the screen, and I can rotate the display sideways w/o sliding out the keyboard (one of my peeves -- is there another way to do that? I can only do so in the Stella Emulator and here).


I have some vague twinge of disappointment that I’m using a proprietary format, but until Stallman yells at me, I can deal with it.



Tasks and Calendar

Sync with google calendar


But what I’d like is an interface to MindTrafficControl


Which would require Python on the CE and the Google App Engine SDK



SynCE(approve sites) - sync a Wing with a Linux device


See Also

WinCE - notes on the operating system



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