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a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms that still utilize the native platform’s controls and utilities.




Create a User Environmental variable and call it WXWIN.  Make its value points to where your WxWidgets root dir is.
Note: This must be set before you open any Visual Studio projects or else you’ll need to reopen them.


Open the build\msw\wx.dsw project in your VS IDE (to compile the libraries for VS).  We’re compiling as a static lib but if you want to change it to dynamic use the wx_dll.dsw project instead.


You’ll probably need to let VS convert the project for you (you’ll get prompted.)



Choose Build → Batch Build (unknown version of VisualStudio)


for VS2005, in Solution Explorer, right-click on “solution ‘wx’”, select Batch Build



At this point you need to select the configurations you want to compile. You DON’T need them all and it would take *hours* and gigs of space if you did compile them all (not to mention you’d get a variety of errors).  Best approach is to only build the Debug and Release configurations that do not say DLL, Unicode, or Universal in them.


Wait a while...this takes some time.


Close out of VS.


Copy the appropriate build setup file:
$(WXWIN)\lib\vc_lib\mswd\setup.h to $(WXWIN)\include\wx\setup.h . Shouldn’t have to, but seems necessary.


NOTE: the above is straight from Nick G; I found the path to be $(WXWIN)\lib\vc_lib\mswd\wx\setup.h



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