A programming Language


uh, yeah.


I fully intend to work in Python some day, just not at the moment.
UPDATE (2013.07): yeah, not this moment, either.
UPDATE (2013.11): Well, blow me down! I’ve installed and played with Python (non-iron) a bit.
UPDATE (2013.03): So, I’m using python in a MOOC. So mote it be.



Windows installation

I had installed Chocolatey, so just did a cinst.
Worked like a charm.


cinst python
cinst pip.



Link dump

Python isn’t Java without the Compile - (eg, it’s more) from Hacker News thread
Using Regular Expressions for Lexical Analysis
Python at KhanAcademy




Emacs as Python IDE
Using VisualStudio for Python - no, not just Iron Python




See Also





Python programming language