Plugins and Providers

Plugins are providers, although it is difficult to find this info in the Screwturn docs.
Pages for plugins refer to documentation for help on installing plugins.... which then contain nothing. yaaay!
Plugins are .dll files, and will be found in the public\Plugins directory
Go to Administration >> Providers >> Providers DLLs Management >> Upload new DLL to do this automatically
If the plugin is not supported by your version of Screwturn, there is no message saying so, it’s silently uploaded.
If the plugin is supported by your version of Screwturn, there is no message saying so, but the plugin will appear on the appropriate Display tab



I’ve tried the following:


Adds a javascript-based [how else?] show-hide function
Collapser - allows a download, but only of the .dll Javascript and images can only be found at the plugin home page.
While the homepage says the images and JS are attachments, I couldn’t find them listed anywhere. I viewed-source to find the JS path, and did left-click >> save image as to gank the plus/minus images
Then, it works as advertised


Electric Images Formatter

Electric Images Formatter offers some great functionality, like embedded tabs! But it only works with 2.0... the 3.x port is pending...



Coding providers - NOTE: the demo on the page is incomplete (despite the page saying it is a full implementation); the complete code is within the STW project already - 3.0 sample 2.0 samples; interesting framework