General Notes - new project continuation (hopefully - I’m a member) - original project site, still up and running - original bitbucket repos (v4.0 was updated in 2013 ?!??!!!) - shutdown. anything of note in archive? - gone, and nothing I can find in wayback machine



Since I’m now working mostly with the Microsoft stack, I thought I should learn a new MS-tech-derived wiki for my job.


As such, I like it. It’s a lot smaller than MediaWiki?, has fewer bells-n-whistles, but I don’t need all those bells-n-whistles.
And, again, it is running on the Microsoft stack straight-up, so it should integrate more readily into other Ms-stack applications -- or skills, at any rate.



Here’s a good take on the survival of ScrewTurnWiki from the developer of Sueetie, an open-source social platform that uses STW. UPDATE: Sueetie might be shutting down.


The above blog-entries no longer seem to be available.
Sueetie **did** shut-down, and the developer moved back to Linux and Java/PHP development.
Sueetie 4.7.0 code is available on github
This includes enhancements to ScrewTurnWiki



TODO: I need to start doing some internal analysis and documentation. The irony of docs/analysis of one wiki on another is not lost on me. In my defense, I don’t have a public ASP.NET host available. so, there! That should be a good push for me to make a pmwiki→screwturn→pmwiki markup converter(s).



2014 Resurgence

On Luy 24 the following sites appeared:


Bug Tracker:
Build Server:
GitHub Repository:


All the hard work ofdodexahedron



Threeplicate Shut Down Development?

NOTE: project founders are discontinuing development/support as of June, 2012 but volunteer recruiting is ongoing....


I signed-on as a volunteer back in August, but haven’t heard back (as of 2013.02.21). There are a number of other commenters who haven’t heard anything, either....


Looks like Threeplicate SRL, the company that produced STW has shut down completely. I hadn’t realized that.


As of late 2013/early 2014 the website has been shuttered -- along with all documentation and downloads. Much of which is not available elsewhere. Well, @#$@#$%*(@#%.



Development transition

There is at least one user-led repo/fork on codeplex, and a related google-group.


NB: I am a member of the group working on that project. I haven’t contributed any code yet, but have worked on organization, documentation, and issues.




Things I love

arbitrary list

  • OpenSource
  • Microsoft stack (ASP.NET, C#)
    • okay, I’m a convert to this, as I use it at work now. C# back-end coding is great.
  • Image insert editor is great
  • upload editor is great
  • ships with a modern theme right from the start
  • Visible preview available on editing page, within a tab. No need to postback, scroll, or make updates.
    • Actualy, w/o looking at the internals, it’s probably using AJAX ?
  • Is not written in PHP
  • Flexible backend storage (database or flat files)
  • Out-of-box search will make suggestions if target page is not found




Features to implement


PmWiki makes it easy to have an author (or otherwise) profile page, and auto-link to it using a specific markup: Profiles
I regularly made use of this to reference people involved in projects, and have their profile-page contain contact info, details, and back-refs for all pages/projects they had been in.



See Installation



Create page in a specific namespace - in short, you have to be in the namespace to create a page w/in it. No shortcuts.





Screwturn firefox bookmarklet

Screwturn’s wikified-pages have the .ashx suffix (since they don’t really exist).
This makes it easier to get one:



also, search (this one is not as smart):







See Also




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